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FSSA DataWarehouse

Social Services Data Warehouse

  • Category: Data Warehousing
  • Client: State of Indiana - FSSA
  • Project date: 2008 - Present

We've been key tech resources on this project for many years...

The social services data warehouse within the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) in the State of Indiana combines dozens of human services programs for reporting and analysis.

Child Welfare Case Management System

Child Welfare Case Management

  • Category: Application Development and Support
  • Client: State of Indiana - Department of Child Services
  • Project date: 2008 - Present

Supporting and Enhancing Indiana's Child Welfare System

Metamor Systems has - for many years - supported and enhanced Indiana's critical child welfare system. Not only do we focus on technical expertise, but we also consider the impact to children throughout the state. Our long-term committment shows that we go above and beyond the typical application developers.

Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing

  • Category: Staffing
  • Client: Public and Private Sector
  • Project date: 2008 - Present

We Have The Expertise To Find The Right Person

Metamor System is not the typical staffing firm. We have in-house expertise to find the vet the right resources for the right job. Our evaluation goes beyond the typical review of technical knowledge to review technical accomplishments and the right fit for your organization.

Data Modeling

Common Data Model

  • Category: Data Management
  • Client: Private Sector
  • Project date: 2019-2020

Creating A Data Architecture For The Long-Term

While every organization's data is slightly different, many maintain the same major qualities and meaning. By mapping and modeling the source data that your organization receives, we have been able to create an enterprise data model for the long-term.

Data Warehousing

Child Support Data Warehouse

  • Category: Data Warehousing
  • Client: State of Indiana - FSSA
  • Project date: 2008 - Present

Making Child Support Work

Our deep expertise in data warehousing is evident from the long-term committment that the State of Indiana has shown in our organization. It could be field reports, executive dashboards, or federal data interfaces that are needed. In all cases, we have performed well for many years.

Oracle Fiancials

Indianapolis Airport - Oracle Financials

  • Category: Application Development
  • Client: Indianapolis International Airport
  • Project date: 2008-2010

Implementing Oracle Financials

While accounting principals may be similar across industries, implementing the Oracle financial system is always a challenge. We identify the specific needs of your organization and tailor the system to your needs. This can save huge amounts of time and money in efficiencies.