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Data Warehousing Is One of Our Core Competencies!

We Have 20+ Years Experience In Data Warehousing

Metamor Systems founders and staff have worked in the data warehousing field for 20 years. We’ve heard endless debates on the “right way” to create a data warehouse and have seen technologies evolve over the years. Through it all, we keep one thing first and foremost in our minds: We must maintain the integrity of all this data to support the business.

  • In the past, a data warehouse meant millions of dollars and a very long timeline. Fast forward, technologies evolved and began to disrupt the “traditional data warehouse” market. Also the rise of API’s over the years have made data more easily accessible to software services rather than just ETL tools. This has led to an explosion of new opportunities for organizations to finally organize their data at reasonable cost. The new problem is sifting through all the hype and industry lingo to find the right set of technologies to unlock your data’s power. This is what’s meant by the new industry term: right fit engineering. Metamor Systems can lead the way to find the right solution for your organization without breaking the budget.
  • In the past, the idea was a Data Warehouse would hold a wider scope of data and Data Marts would be created from the data warehouse based on a dimensional model of a certain area of your business (like Marketing or Supply Chain). What many business found is that this took alot of time and effort. However, these can still make alot of sense if your organization has many standard reports that should stay fairly stable over time.
  • If you’re in a business that changes rapidly or is in the process of being disrupted by new entrants to the market, you may want to quickly create a Data Lake to have a central place to explore all your data. Simply put, a Data Lake is a central area that is largely unstructured but where many different data sets can be integrated. The advantage is that it is quick and easy to identify relationships that may take many months to uncover with a Data Warehouse.
  • When it comes to a true data warehouse, relational databases are still the go-to technology. However, the marketplace has also become complicated in recent years. Cloud-native databases like Amazon Redshift or Snowflake have become popular as cloud migrations have made it easier and cheaper to maintain a data warehouse. However, the stalwarts are still popular including Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server or even PostGreSQL. Which is right for your organization depends on a lot of factors. Contact us for an evaluation of what's right for you.